Photos: 10 Year Journey

2007: WE had known each other for years, but 2007 was our first year together.
2008: WE got married and purchased our first house together in 2008, but our trip to the courthouse didn't include any photos!
2009: WE celebrated our first Valentine's Day as a married couple.
2010: WE took our first professional photos together!
2011: WE said goodbye to Memphis while preparing to relocate to Boston.
2012: WE settled into life in New England and enjoyed exploring the various states like Rhode Island and the WaterFire celebration.
2013: WE recommitted to our marriage on our 5th Anniversary as we prepared to relocate to Alaska.
2014: WE survived our first winter in Alaska and visited the North Pole over the holiday season.
2015: WE tried skiing and snowboarding in Alaska and learned that we need MANY more lessons!
2016: WE celebrated earning tenure and completing graduate school.
2017: WE kicked off the 10-Year Vow Renewal Celebration with a special photo shoot in Alaska --- if you want to see more of this photo shoot, visit (copy and paste the link into your browser).
Kaydi Bishop